Who is Don Pablo cruz Quispe? Who was Don Manuel Q’espi


Don Pablo is a Q’ero paco  (Priest) who was born in Huaman Ripa,           one of the 7 remote villages of the Q’ero people nestled in the towering Apu’s (Mountains) of the Andes. He has lived there his whole life growing potatoes and raising  Llamas and Alpacas for their meat and prized wool. Life atsuch high elevation is a very humble existance where the people scratch a meek yet sustainable life from the baren landscape burning sod and dung for heat and to cook from. Their homes are built from the same stones and earth they farm to survive. Many without windows. Tho today modern supplies like pane glass windows are making it to their villages.  To this day most of the roofs are thatched from the precious grasses they share with their animals as it has been done for as long as they have been there.

Very little grows at 14-16,000 feet other than the 3,000 different varieties of potatoes, grasses and moss so the amount of animals and people that can cohabitate there has been governed by what will grow to support the population. It’s raw, cold and rainy…and that’s in the summer time. It’s hard to breath if you’re from sea level yet they flurish and love their homes and ancient communities for the blessing the simple life Pachamama has given them. Their lively hood today comes from the elaborate patterned textiles they weave from the wool gathered from their llamas and alpacas. These animals are sacred to them as they could not exist without them. Many freeze to death over the winter. It has’t been to far back in the past when that statement regarded animals and people alike. 

The medicine they share with us today is all they had to sustain themselves as they did sucsessfully for tens of thousands of years. The ancient Incan conquerors recognized the value of such effective ways to maintain a healthy life so they made them High Priests in their society.

We all know the Spaniards laid ruin to the Incan Empire. Stealing their Gold while changing the face of South America into what we know of it today; When the Spanish Conquistadors tried to reach the Q’ero high in the mountains as they did throughout the land, They found a handful of Pacos praying to Pachamama and Inti Tata and offering a despacho to them for protection


Earlier the elders were given instruction to build a great tower of stone high above the only tiny trail leading to their villages as they had heard of the arrival of the conquistadors to come. As most of the soldiers reached the valley there was a lightning strike that toppled the tower burrying most all the invaders. The few survivors ran back to their superiors and the decision was made to leave these humble people alone.

They stayed to themselves to this time in human history saving their ways and information to assist Humankind in the transformation we all are experiencing today from the Human Beings we are to the Luminous Beings we all are becoming.

Don Pablo Cruz Quispe is Grandson to the Late Don Manuel Q’espi. Pablo grew up with him as a fly on the wall learning the ways of his people, the keepers of this anchient Andean Cosmology as Don Manuel, the last remaining Kuraq akulleq Alto Mosayoq; taught his students. the apprentices who would carry these mystical ways into the future. When Don Francisco, Don Humerto and Don Sebasian studied under the last remaining master, Don Pablo recieved his tutelage imursed in the true ways of oral societies, in service to his grandfather.


It is with great love and respect for all those that came before to pass these ways onto the world today that I seek the purest and least destorted reflections of these ancient way. To date the work I’ve been blessed to do with the people of this beautiful culture has found the most purchase by travelling to their remote villages to breathe in what they breathe, see what they see (as best I can), listen to what they hear, to try and learn what they have learned over the millennium. It’s a priceless unfolding that always humbles me when I contemplate the increadible gift I’m to share with my growing Spirit Family.                 


May the Love that passes all understanding bless and keep us all always in all ways as we remember who we are.

Urpaychay soncco llay


What is a Despacho Ceremony? What is a Karpay transmision?


                                           What is a Despacho Ceremony?  

A Despacho is a gift we to offer to Creation. It is a living mandala we build together with items gathered from our  environment to bring life to our prayers and share our intentions with Spirit. Weaving the three worlds of existence together with the Feminine & Masculine energies, The upper (Hanoq Pacha), the middle (Kay Pacha) and the lower worlds (the Uku Pacha) come into harmony & brings us into balance with all our relations.


Building a despacho with Don Pablo at Apu Ausangate (Peru)


                  Receiving a Karpay from Don Pablo at Apu Ausangate

                                        What is a Karpay Transmission?

A Karpay Transmission is where a Paco (an Incan Priest) intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming.

Once the intentional luminous seed planted by them and fed by us, infuses itself to our DNA, it expands our luminous fields & better aligns us with that transformational process. The Q’ero Karpay expedites this process exponentially.

The prophecies of  the Hopi, the Mayan, the Maori and many more indigenous people have spoken of these times saving certain ceremonies to help all of mankind. All who receive this gift from them become initiated Pacos of the ancient lineage of the Q’ero people.


Prayers that you may join us at some point in time to share in the                   beauty of this ancient culture.   Urpaychay soncco llay, Esteban

Q’ero Elder Don Pablo itinerary April 21st- May 18th 2018

Hi Friends

I’m so glad to announce that Don Pablo will be coming back to the US again this month. We could only get him another 6 month visa but we have this opportunity to work with this month.

San Diego effort is a weekend overnite event starting on the 21st and ending on the 22nd of April. There will be one double Eagle/Condor Despacho/Karpay ceremony on Saturday. It’s an amazingly powerful combo. It is said that when the Eagle and the Condor come together there will be peace on earth. This is truly a foundation for that peace to be started within. The Ayni for the weekend has been set at $288  for the full weekend. It includes overnight camping (Bring your own gear) and meals.  Healing sessions are an additional $225 and start on Sunday afternoon.

There will be an optional sweat lodge at some point that weekend that is open for all who care to join us. There is no fee for attending the lodge and it is not a part of this weekend but a gift to the community there for their love and support of this work.

We will be there and available to book sessions from Monday April 23rd until the end of the day on Thursday April 26th. All healing days begin at 9am and our last session starts at 6pm. Healing sessions are around an hour. We will break for lunch between 1 and 2pm.
All bookings between April 21st  and April 27th are being handled by John 917-439-1242 or Eden 949-230-3311 in San Diego?
We fly to SF on the Friday the April 27th arriving  there at that evening.
Our first Despacho/Karpay ceremony April 28th begins at 10am. it usually take around three hours (depending on attendance) to finish the Despacho and we take an hour long lunch break. Food is not included in any of the SF offerings so people are encouraged to bring their lunch and snacks to get through. After the break we will come back together for the Karpay transmission.
The following Sunday April 29th looks the exact same except we will be doing the Eagle/Condor Karpay starting at 10am breaking for lunch and passing the Karpay transmisions after the lunch break.
It is traditional to offer the Despachos to Pachamama by burning them. I usually leave that aspect open until the Paco we’re working with lets us know when they feel it’s time to do that.
Healing sessions begin in SF on Monday April 30th starting at 9am-6pm. We will do healings there daily until the end of the day on Thursday April 3rd.
Ayni in SF is $225 for one day of ceremony, $375 for both days of ceremny or one day and a healing session and $550 for both days of ceremony and a healing session.
Friday May 4th we drive to Mount Shasta for one full day of ceremony celebrating Cinco De Mayo on Saturday May 5th. We will be doing the Eagle/Condor Despacho/Karpay Ceremony during the day and burning that Despacho that evening. We will be available for healing sessions Sunday the 6th and Monday the 7th there in Mount Shasta from 9am-7pm each day.
All bookings for healing sessions or ceremonies between April 28th and May 8th are being handled by Eden McElhaney in SF 650-741-3134 – People can enroll for the Despacho and Karpay Ceremony on Saturday, April 28-Sunday, April 29th and for the Mt. Shasta Despacho and Karpay Ceremony both on www.SunshineReiki.me on the “Events & Classes” page and on Eventbrite (for extra Bay Area promotion).  They will register for free with an email to follow registration with info on pricing/cash only, etc which is also in the Notes area.
We will fly from San Francisco to JFK New York on Wednesday May 9th. A much needed day of rest on May 10th.
Friday May 11th (Time TBA, Likely @ sunrise or early morning) A very important Give Back Healing Ceremony Free for anyone to attend, at Conscience Point in Southampton to appologize “Ho’o Opono opono” prayer and Chanunpa Ceremony; for all the abusive acts that have taken place here on Turtle Island to clear the land and the heal the energys between The first residence of North America and the colonist.
This is for all of us to ask permision of the land to live and do our work here in a balanced way that resonates with the natural order of the enviroment we live in. It is also a plee for the Elemental Beings to support and keep all the Light Workers and Healing Practitioners of all modalities in service to all their communities; safe and surrounded with abundance so their purpose may fully expressed.
Please spead the word on this.
We travel North to Greenfield MA and Saturday May 12th we will be hosting our only East Coast Despacho/Karpay Ceremonial offering this spring. We will be doing the Eagle/Condor Despacho/Karpay Ceremony during the day and burning that Despacho that evening. We will be available there for healing sessions Sunday the 13th on Mothers Day starting at 10am and going until we leave at 4pm for our second Give Back Healing Ceremony  We will start at sunset (Location Mount Manadnock at Sunset).
This is the same thing we are doing at Coscience Point: A very important Give Back Healing Ceremony Free for anyone to attend,  to appologize “Ho’o Opono opono” prayer and Chanunpa Ceremony; for all the abusive acts that have taken place here on Turtle Island to clear the land and heal the energys between The first residence of North America and the colonist.
This is also for all of us to ask permision of the land to live and do our work here in a balanced way that resonates with the natural order of the enviroment we live in. It is also a plee for the Elemental Beings to support and keep all the Light Workers and Practitioners in service to all their relations; safe and surrounded with abundance so their purpose may fully expressed.
Please spead the word on this.
May 14th through May 18th we will be available for healing sessions. We will be in Greenfield MA and stay there if there are enough people interested in a session. We are open to book sessions or private despachos in other locations between there and Long Island if there is a need.
If you would like to book a session or have people interested in your community who do please let us know asap as our flight back to Peru is May 19th. We will do our best to get to you or connect with you if we can but reach out now so we can give it our best shot.
All East Coast Bookings and scheduling will be done by Heather Welch-Smith. Please contact her 802-384-2388 to coordinate you reservations.
I just found out that Don Pablo was only given a 6 month visa again this time so I will be looking to do this again for him the end of August and through September if it is at all possible…we’ll see.  Any feed back (Text or cal me 516-769-5137) regarding this is greatly appreciated. We’re open to growing these journeys by comming to other communities. If you feel you’d like us to come to your community in the future please reach out to me and let me know. Thank you
Thank you all for your patience with me as I juggle the logistics between the Gregarian world and reflections in the indigenous wrelm.
I Love you all and deeply appreciate you and the work you do.
May the Love that passes all understanding bless and keep us all, always, in all ways.
Urpaychay soncco llay

Hampton Spirit Festival

Last lodge was amazing. So much released with the help of Mama Killa (the Moon) and our willingness to let go. Thank all of you who came and also all of you who supported us with your prays from all points global. I’m convinced that when we collectively share an intention all beings between our particular orientation at the time are effected by those thoughts. The greater the distance the greater the effect Utilizing the science of Quantum Physics spiritually to effect change mentally and emotionally that it my be reflected in the physical realm to achieve wellness in collective experience for all beings in existence. Ok, a bit wordy but that sums up the vision I had in my dreams last night : )

Yesterday I scrambled to jump through hoops to meet a deadline for seed money from a group of people in the Hampton who want to support community oriented ideas and are having a “Shark Tank” type of contest to select the recipient of their generosity. I believe in the idea I have so much will happen anyway I almost didn’t apply simply because I didn’t want to take away an opportunity from someone else’s good idea by winning this my self. After a very inspirational conversation with a friend two days ago I realized that if my idea is selected it will create a platform where all the applicants could present their ideas and gain the exposure needed for seeded. Win, win, win : )

So I so I shot a quick video clip to pitch the idea of a Hampton’s Spirit Fest, posted it right before building the fire for our sweat lodge and dropped into the night before us, letting go of any thoughts regarding outcome. I woke up to this email by the applicants mediator…

i pushed your profile live…you missed the deadline, but I watched the video and was in Bali last week, so I wanted to help you out. Good luck. May the tides be with you!

I have a ton of work to do today but I am sitting down and writing this first in hopes to reach you all over you Sunday morning coffee to encourage you to take a look at the applicants ideas and cast your votes of support for which ever ones resonate with you as something you would like to see come to fruition.

Please click the link below to follow to read up on and cast your vote. Please repost this on your walls and send it out on your mailing list. The event is in two weeks so all of this is super time sensitive. It’s for our children’s children’s future and certainly deserve more than a few moments of our time. https://www.i-hamptons.com/riptide Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse them all and please, by no means feel any sort of obligation to vote for my idea unless you think it truly is among the top four and is what you feel best serves the greater good. I am going to bring this to fruition at some point of time regardless but winning this is certain to expedite the process greatly.

Blessings on all the applicants ideas. Blessing on all ideas and efforts of those called to service in bring a healthy future into being. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for the Love and Supportyou’ve given my journey over all these years. I’m eternally grateful.

May the Love that passes all understanding bless and keep us all our relations, always in all ways.

Standing Rock Trip 11/15/16

Hi Everyone


I’ll be driving out to Standing Rock North Dakota in a little over a week (November 15th) to bring warm clothing to the people out there for the work they are doing to STOP the Pipeline being built under the Missouri River and across their Sacred land.

Temparures are dropping fast and soon it’s going to plummit down to full on winter conditions.

Myself, I am focussing on getting new thermal under layers to them. I will be driving my truck and hauling a trailer behind it to maximize the benefit/cost ratio. I am open to bring donations from our community as well.  What I ask is for people to look the donation page on this link http://sacredstonecamp.org/supply-list/ and call me at 516-769-5137 to see how much space I have left and how to coordinate getting what ever it is you want to donate to me well before I leave, i.e….before Sunday November 13th.

I am spotting the expences of this trip out of pocket to insure it happens but am open to and need to recieve  help from our community. Here’s the projected cost I’m seeing is when all’s said and done.

Vehicle (Van) rental for 10 days                                                                    $2000

Fuel 4,000 mile round trip @ 10/mpg @ $3/gal =                              $1,200

Lodging  (4 nights on the road) $125/night                                               $500

That’s a total of                                                                                                      $3,700

I don’t have a go fund me account. I’m not a non-profit and I am not going to make ANY money by doing this so please only make donations that come from your Heart. There wont be anything for you to deduct from your taxes by making your gift to help cover the expenses that are going to be incured but rest assured Spirit will see your good will.

If you have any questions please call or text at 517-769-5137. Time is a big factor here. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your time and for your Love and support of my Journey over the years.

Mitakuye O’Yasin