Who is Don Pablo cruz Quispe? Who was Don Manuel Q’espi


Don Pablo is a Q’ero paco  (Priest) who was born in Huaman Ripa,           one of the 7 remote villages of the Q’ero people nestled in the towering Apu’s (Mountains) of the Andes. He has lived there his whole life growing potatoes and raising  Llamas and Alpacas for their meat and prized wool. Life atsuch high elevation is a very humble existance where the people scratch a meek yet sustainable life from the baren landscape burning sod and dung for heat and to cook from. Their homes are built from the same stones and earth they farm to survive. Many without windows. Tho today modern supplies like pane glass windows are making it to their villages.  To this day most of the roofs are thatched from the precious grasses they share with their animals as it has been done for as long as they have been there.

Very little grows at 14-16,000 feet other than the 3,000 different varieties of potatoes, grasses and moss so the amount of animals and people that can cohabitate there has been governed by what will grow to support the population. It’s raw, cold and rainy…and that’s in the summer time. It’s hard to breath if you’re from sea level yet they flurish and love their homes and ancient communities for the blessing the simple life Pachamama has given them. Their lively hood today comes from the elaborate patterned textiles they weave from the wool gathered from their llamas and alpacas. These animals are sacred to them as they could not exist without them. Many freeze to death over the winter. It has’t been to far back in the past when that statement regarded animals and people alike. 

The medicine they share with us today is all they had to sustain themselves as they did sucsessfully for tens of thousands of years. The ancient Incan conquerors recognized the value of such effective ways to maintain a healthy life so they made them High Priests in their society.

We all know the Spaniards laid ruin to the Incan Empire. Stealing their Gold while changing the face of South America into what we know of it today; When the Spanish Conquistadors tried to reach the Q’ero high in the mountains as they did throughout the land, They found a handful of Pacos praying to Pachamama and Inti Tata and offering a despacho to them for protection


Earlier the elders were given instruction to build a great tower of stone high above the only tiny trail leading to their villages as they had heard of the arrival of the conquistadors to come. As most of the soldiers reached the valley there was a lightning strike that toppled the tower burrying most all the invaders. The few survivors ran back to their superiors and the decision was made to leave these humble people alone.

They stayed to themselves to this time in human history saving their ways and information to assist Humankind in the transformation we all are experiencing today from the Human Beings we are to the Luminous Beings we all are becoming.

Don Pablo Cruz Quispe is Grandson to the Late Don Manuel Q’espi. Pablo grew up with him as a fly on the wall learning the ways of his people, the keepers of this anchient Andean Cosmology as Don Manuel, the last remaining Kuraq akulleq Alto Mosayoq; taught his students. the apprentices who would carry these mystical ways into the future. When Don Francisco, Don Humerto and Don Sebasian studied under the last remaining master, Don Pablo recieved his tutelage imursed in the true ways of oral societies, in service to his grandfather.


It is with great love and respect for all those that came before to pass these ways onto the world today that I seek the purest and least destorted reflections of these ancient way. To date the work I’ve been blessed to do with the people of this beautiful culture has found the most purchase by travelling to their remote villages to breathe in what they breathe, see what they see (as best I can), listen to what they hear, to try and learn what they have learned over the millennium. It’s a priceless unfolding that always humbles me when I contemplate the increadible gift I’m to share with my growing Spirit Family.                 


May the Love that passes all understanding bless and keep us all always in all ways as we remember who we are.

Urpaychay soncco llay


3 thoughts on “Who is Don Pablo cruz Quispe? Who was Don Manuel Q’espi”

  1. This is so beautiful and I have been honoured to have met Don Francisco and received the Karpay transmissions when he visited Australia.

  2. Is Don Francisco coming or Don Pablo? I tired to find any information about this Eagle Karpay, and it is not of the Q’ero tradition, there is also no condor karpay either. what exactly is being presented is not all that clear and quite a little fuzzy

    1. Hi Jon
      There are an infinite amount of karpays available to us. In fact any intention one can come up with can be enhanced by building a despacho as an offering first to give of ourselves and then though sacred receptivity (ayni) open ourselves to receive it.

      It is not limited to the seven major karpays. This teaching has been given to me by Don Humberto Soncco Quispe, Elizabeth Jenkins Don Pablo Quispe(grandson of the lat Don Manuel Q’ispe.

      I’ve personally worked and live with several Qero elders who have taught me these ways.

      Thank you for reaching out.


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