What is a Despacho Ceremony? What is a Karpay transmision?


                                           What is a Despacho Ceremony?  

A Despacho is a gift we to offer to Creation. It is a living mandala we build together with items gathered from our  environment to bring life to our prayers and share our intentions with Spirit. Weaving the three worlds of existence together with the Feminine & Masculine energies, The upper (Hanoq Pacha), the middle (Kay Pacha) and the lower worlds (the Uku Pacha) come into harmony & brings us into balance with all our relations.


Building a despacho with Don Pablo at Apu Ausangate (Peru)


                  Receiving a Karpay from Don Pablo at Apu Ausangate

                                        What is a Karpay Transmission?

A Karpay Transmission is where a Paco (an Incan Priest) intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming.

Once the intentional luminous seed planted by them and fed by us, infuses itself to our DNA, it expands our luminous fields & better aligns us with that transformational process. The Q’ero Karpay expedites this process exponentially.

The prophecies of  the Hopi, the Mayan, the Maori and many more indigenous people have spoken of these times saving certain ceremonies to help all of mankind. All who receive this gift from them become initiated Pacos of the ancient lineage of the Q’ero people.


Prayers that you may join us at some point in time to share in the                   beauty of this ancient culture.   Urpaychay soncco llay, Esteban

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