Hampton Spirit Festival

Last lodge was amazing. So much released with the help of Mama Killa (the Moon) and our willingness to let go. Thank all of you who came and also all of you who supported us with your prays from all points global. I’m convinced that when we collectively share an intention all beings between our particular orientation at the time are effected by those thoughts. The greater the distance the greater the effect Utilizing the science of Quantum Physics spiritually to effect change mentally and emotionally that it my be reflected in the physical realm to achieve wellness in collective experience for all beings in existence. Ok, a bit wordy but that sums up the vision I had in my dreams last night : )

Yesterday I scrambled to jump through hoops to meet a deadline for seed money from a group of people in the Hampton who want to support community oriented ideas and are having a “Shark Tank” type of contest to select the recipient of their generosity. I believe in the idea I have so much will happen anyway I almost didn’t apply simply because I didn’t want to take away an opportunity from someone else’s good idea by winning this my self. After a very inspirational conversation with a friend two days ago I realized that if my idea is selected it will create a platform where all the applicants could present their ideas and gain the exposure needed for seeded. Win, win, win : )

So I so I shot a quick video clip to pitch the idea of a Hampton’s Spirit Fest, posted it right before building the fire for our sweat lodge and dropped into the night before us, letting go of any thoughts regarding outcome. I woke up to this email by the applicants mediator…

i pushed your profile live…you missed the deadline, but I watched the video and was in Bali last week, so I wanted to help you out. Good luck. May the tides be with you!

I have a ton of work to do today but I am sitting down and writing this first in hopes to reach you all over you Sunday morning coffee to encourage you to take a look at the applicants ideas and cast your votes of support for which ever ones resonate with you as something you would like to see come to fruition.

Please click the link below to follow to read up on and cast your vote. Please repost this on your walls and send it out on your mailing list. The event is in two weeks so all of this is super time sensitive. It’s for our children’s children’s future and certainly deserve more than a few moments of our time. https://www.i-hamptons.com/riptide Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse them all and please, by no means feel any sort of obligation to vote for my idea unless you think it truly is among the top four and is what you feel best serves the greater good. I am going to bring this to fruition at some point of time regardless but winning this is certain to expedite the process greatly.

Blessings on all the applicants ideas. Blessing on all ideas and efforts of those called to service in bring a healthy future into being. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for the Love and Supportyou’ve given my journey over all these years. I’m eternally grateful.

May the Love that passes all understanding bless and keep us all our relations, always in all ways.