Welcome to Global Spirit Family

My given name is Steve. I am a builder by trade who is allowing my spiritual journey to support my life rather than my life supporting my spiritual journey.  Now I build platforms to co-create experiences that promote wellness and balance in our lives as individuals to broaden the horizons of our communities.

Achieving balance of both the Feminine and Masculine energies with-in us all accesses the Divine channels where it then can then ripple out its healing effects to the world through the abundant ability of unity consciousness.

my photoI have worked directly with many indigenous societies in North and South America over the past ten years. My mentors/teachers have trained me and gifted me permission  to offer the healing benefits of their Shamanic practices to those who are open to receive them.

If we are the microcosm to the macrocosm then by us allowing ourselves to heal we will be actively healing the natural world we live in. True sustainability starts within and flurishes by the realasation that there is no separation.

Please feel free to join me as we internalize wellness and effect a change accordingly.